Token details

    ChainTicker: LKM
    Token address: 0x1099E778846bAa6aAD3C6F26Ad42419AA7f95103
    Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Farming rewards

    1 LKM/block.
    28,800 LKM/day
    10% will be sent to the developers addresses for marketing purposes, payout, and to fund future partnerships & strategic developments


Approximately 5% of the transaction fees (0 ~ 4%) will be used for donation. 95% will be used for buying back LKM and burn according to necessity.


The current burn is done manually to stabilize the price when massive dumps happen as we are trying to promote long term yield farming instead of pumps and dumps.
Actually burned : 142.141
Last modified 5mo ago